Tim Draper

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Founder of DFJ & Veteran Investor

Tim Draper is a veteran investor in the industry, established as one of the leading icons and decorated advocates of business.

He founded DFJ and Draper University in 1985 and 2012.

Tim Draper is part of a long family history involved in venture capitals. As the third in line, both his father and grandfather founded and held executive positions of investment and oversea trading banks, setting a reputation among the industry as prominent contributors. Tim holds a degree in engineering, graduating from Stanford at 22 and earning his Masters through Harvard.

In 1985, he founded Draper Associates before two more partners joined to form Draper Fisher Jurvetson, a company invested in startups and early development of fintech firms. Among Draper’s achievements, the founder and long-time investor has poured funds into several startups and service providers like Skype, also previously invested in by his father. He then resigned from his position at the company in 2013, choosing to leave and pursue further opportunities.

In 2014, federal authorities sold 30,000 confiscated bitcoins in a bidding auction to Tim Draper. The billionaire investor is often connected to the birth of social network advertising, although many claim the business strategy was conceived before Draper’s alleged involvement. Draper publicly stressed his support of Theranos, a startup involved in controversial fraud charges.

The company was one of many to receive early funding from Draper. He claimed the startup was producing unprecedented advancements in blood testing and relentlessly voiced his support for Elizabeth Holmes, the founder and accused.

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