Roger K. Ver

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Legendary Bitcoin Investor

Known as one of Blockchain-tech’s first ever to invest in the industry, Roger K. is among the scene’s biggest names in investment, and has generously contributed to the development of many high-ranking companies involved in crypto.

Before cryptocurrency saw an upwards trend resulting in the implementation of the tech in business industries and capital ventures around the globe, Ver was one of the initial investors to play a major role in many of the biggest startups and companies operating today.

Due to his early involvements in the crypto industry and its foundation, Roger was given the nickname of “Bitcoin Jesus”. Roger K. Ver is a self-proclaimed, self-taught cryptocurrency supporter and is consistently voicing his thoughts and ideas to the community and industry involved.

Taking an interest in cryptocurrencies in 2011, he referred to the technology as the most important development since the Internet. As CEO of for more than 10 years, Ver integrated the new tech into the company’s systems, allowing customers to pay using Bitcoin.

Born and raised in the United States, Roger faced numerous issues after renouncing his American citizenship and adopting that of St. Kitts and Nevis. While Bitcoin technology was still young and the first ever digital coin was much cheaper, reports of his own gains claimed to exceed four hundred thousand Bitcoins, although current reports say that much of his digital wealth has been spent funding and investing in crypto and startups.

As of now, Roger K. Ver continues acting as an angel investor for many current and new-found companies and startups. Among his latest and on-going investments are Bitpay, Bitcoin,, and others. His nickname was given due to the constant and public support and encouragement of blockchain, crypto and their continued development by the industry’s first-investing entrepreneurs.

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