Mike Novogratz

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Founder & CEO of Galaxy Digital

Michael E. Novogratz previously served as a Fortress Investment board member, and managed hedge funds after leaving Goldman Sachs. Following his partnership at the firm, his portfolio included various leading positions throughout Asia and South America.

Novogratz graduated from Princeton in 1987 and was a member of the wrestling team at the University, showing a passion for the sport from an early stage. He later entered the finance industry in 1989 and began working for Goldman Sachs as a salesman, operating offices in Japan and Hong Kong before becoming a partner in 1998- eleven years after joining the company.

Four years later, the tech enthusiast became part of the Fortress Investment team, taking part in the company’s initial public offering in 2007. He served as Macro Funds CIO at Fortress before assuming his directorial role in 2006. Beat the Streets was later founded by Novogratz as a nonprofit institute supporting wrestling as a sport in public schools around New York.

Novogratz is the Galaxy Digital founder and its Chief Executive Officer. The company was initially planned to launch in 2017, although it was delayed due to the conditions of the market at the time. He founded GD as consulting platform cryptocurrency exchange designed to provide trading and crypto asset management for clients.

Michael has been part of many top billionaire lists after the company’s initial PO after amassing his fortune through digital assets and investments.

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