Joseph Lubin

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Co-Founder of Ethereum

Joseph Lubin, an internationally renowned entrepreneur from Canada, has built his way up to becoming one of the leading figures in cryptocurrency today with an estimated net worth maximum of $5B dollars according to Forbes.

Lubin began his career as a member of a research team at Princeton’s Robotics Lab, in addition to gaining a wide variety of experience in the tech field including software engineering and machine vision. He then delved into the world of finance, Lubin went on to founding numerous cryptocurrency companies and non-profit foundations. Among his most popular projects include a decentralized digital currency platform called Ethereum Switzerland, ConsenSys, a software production company, as well as the Ethereum Foundation based in Canada.

Lubin became the COO of Ethereum Switzerland in 2014 with a company mission to advance Blockchain 2.0, a secure blockchain database offering data and program storage. He focused on developing this technology as well as helped enforce, facilitate, and verify smart contract performance. HIs efforts to create the Ethereum Foundation have also been globally recognized, as it is geared towards maintaining a fair and independently run Ethereum network. The following year, Lubin went on to founding ConsenSys, offering companies security audits, digital currency launches, and a wide array of other services to more traditional businesses. The company also aids in the launch of cryptocurrency based businesses such as adChain, BlockApps, and Singular, many of which are well on their way to long term success.

Joseph Lubin has personally taken an interest in cross-industry research in an attempt to establish solutions for a variety of existing challenges within the greater blockchain industry. Industry members anticipate that Lubin has become the largest owner of Ether with a predicted value calculated at $10B dollars. However, he has consistently remarked that he actively sells Ether to help fund ConsenSys’ development.  

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