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Bitcoin Coin Cryptocurrencies

A survey on cryptocurrencies was carried out in Poland

BTC is the main asset with more than 70%. ETH, Lisk, and Ripple are also in the first four positions

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Bitcoin Coin Cryptocurrencies Investment

The anonymous buyer plans to buy ¼ of BTC turnover

The approximate investment cost is $ 38 billion

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CryptoKitties creators have launched a new «Cheeze Wizards» game

Thousands of cheesy magicians will fight for the main prize from ETH

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Bitcoin Coin Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin Pizza Day was celebrated on May 22

The price of the first pizza was 10,000 BTC

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Bitcoin Coin Cryptocurrencies Ethereum Ripple

Bitcoin has a popularity leadership in a cryptocurrency TOP3

Bitcoin that has added half of the price is now in the middle of attention

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