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Shocking news: Visa and Mastercard left Libra

Visa and Mastercard officially announced the termination of cooperation on the Libra project. Alas, the idyll did not last long...

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FedCoin: US Federal Reserve Bank Digital Coin

FedCoin cryptocurrency may be released soon. It should help the United States restore its monopoly on world trade

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Binance Bitfinex Cryptocurrency Markets Longreads Tether

Stablecoins in the cryptocurrency market

Stablecoins are coins without volatility. Their price does not change. They will not be able to earn

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Bitcoin price will rise to $8250

Bitcoin began to rise again after falling at the end of last month

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China has become more affectionate to the BTC

Chinese state banks recently published an infographic explaining how the cryptocurrency functions, what methods of its use and what kind of BTC is valuable

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