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Blockchain Regulation

Virgil Griffith, employee of Ethereum Foundation, arrested in the USA

A researcher involved in the development of blockchain products for Ethereum was accused of violating international law

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Blockchain Tech

Alibaba and OneConnect is a Leaders in Crypto-Patents

In China, leaders have been identified who have patented the most know-how in the field of blockchain and bitcoin technologies

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Corporate blockchains have become popular in Russia

Analysts published the results after studying 157 companies. It turned out that in 2019 the number of blockchain projects increased by 45%

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Blockchain Cryptocurrency Markets

About QuarkChain (QKC)

QuarkChain is a project aimed at developing decentralized applications. High scalability allows you to support a two-tier cryptocurrency architecture

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Blockchain Innovation Tech

Nestle will control its product chain

Swiss company representatives have announced a blockchain project launching that will track shipments

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