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Bitcoin Cryptocurrencies Regulation

China has become more affectionate to the BTC

Chinese state banks recently published an infographic explaining how the cryptocurrency functions, what methods of its use and what kind of BTC is valuable

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Bitcoin Cryptocurrencies Regulation

The BTC has been recognized by China as “virtual property”

China, being quite strict about cryptocurrencies and preferring blockchain technology, just recently recognized Bitcoin as “virtual property”

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Bitcoin Cryptocurrencies

BTC is testing the support of $10,000 after the last rush

Today minimum rate of BTC/USD pair at the level of $10,250 was changed from $11,532

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Bitcoin Coin Cryptocurrencies

A survey on cryptocurrencies was carried out in Poland

BTC is the main asset with more than 70%. ETH, Lisk, and Ripple are also in the first four positions

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Bitcoin Coin Cryptocurrencies Investment

The anonymous buyer plans to buy ¼ of BTC turnover

The approximate investment cost is $ 38 billion

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