Zeepin Ecosystem to Expand for More Creatives

Creative minds for many different industries, including shoppers and content consumers may soon be joining each other in conducting business in one joint environment. Zeepin Ecosystem’s platform will bring together everyone looking to be involved in business with others from many types of industries. The project’s team is looking to introduce creativity and build strong, secure and efficient apps operating on the platform from authentic ideas by individuals.

The Environment

Zeepin is a platform that covers everything related to innovation and is dedicated to providing an inclusive, equal and firmly operating business environment. Zeepin is essentially a public entity that provides many different decentralized applications to be used from within the blockchain it operates on. The applications are created to provide several solutions and methods of security and protection in regards to copyrights, talent hiring, funding various projects and more. ZeeRights is one of the applications and a most important one due to how it aids those with innovative ideas in copyrighting them, aiding in concluding settlements and more.

Zeepin’s native token, the ZPT, will not be refundable after purchase and will be used to facilitate transactions between users on the platform. Additionally, it will operate as a payment method to enable participants access to the decentralized applications on the blockchain. ZPT will also see more uses later on. The foundation's goal is to bring together many involved members together, from those owning smaller companies and businesses to the creative minds teaming together for any sort of innovative business. As of now, Zeepin is already developing many of their own innovative ideas into actual applications as a means of advancing in their mission and towards the future, as well as backing the upcoming chain.

Among these support projects, GalaCloud is a distributed alternative to the many complications related to centralized storage of data. GalaCloud aids in safe housing and transferring any files for users. The GalaBox nodes fragment these files, heavily encrypt them and then store them before sending them to and from different users. Additionally, any user that utilizes this service will be granted Gala coin mining as a reward for the upcoming funding round for GalaBox by ZeeFund.

Candidates for hiring as one of the 49 Galahubs will continue until the 25th of this month and those chosen will see their contributions underway during November. Additionally, Zeepin has also dipped its fingers into the gaming industry, as well as the entertainment one. CryptoGalaxy, a virtual game created as a decentralized app is the first of its kind on the company’s blockchain. Players with Zeepin tokens can deposit them within a wallet in the game and earn rewards on a daily basis, essentially a passive income method.

More use cases by the Gala is that it operates as a utility coin, paying for transactions, digital contracts, and other services. Zeepin does introduce creativity and may possibly revolutionize the market in many beneficial ways. It also provides an extensive background of use cases and applications of blockchain that provides more support and helps sustain every participant own project within Zeepin’s environment. Its main network will also be deployed this month.

2 years ago

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