Zcash Most Profitable Mining Cryptocurrency

Currently, Zcash has climbed to become the most valuable mining cryptocurrency right now, proving to be more profitable through successful mining than major leading currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash.

More Profit, a website designed to provide user-friendly and introduction level guides for any activities related to cryptocurrencies including trading and mining, has reported that any user mining for Zcash through an Antminer Z9 rig can possibly receive a full investment return even during uncertain moments or events.

In terms of cryptocurrency mining profits, Ether is the world’s second most mined cryptocurrency. Using an Antminer E3, miners can expect a little above $1200 in mining returns within one year. The same device that would gather maximum Return of Investments for miners working on Zcash, the Antminer Z9, would mine almost $7000 in profit, providing a triple-digit boost in mining efficiency by up to 344 percent.

As reports, three different possible scenarios may emerge including the second and third scenarios which see mining difficulties rise to 15 and 40 percent and mining fees increased by 10 and eight percent per month.


Although mining essentially began as a pastime for cryptocurrency-interested individuals, the act itself has climbed to a point of unprecedented activity. Cryptocurrency mining has become one of the most profitable methods of acquiring cryptocurrencies and its increase in activity to this point has placed it as an equal method of profit as trading.

Before purchasing mining equipment or ASIC to begin the process, proof-of-work mining has basic requirements to be considered before involvement. The difficulty level is a feature of the mining process designed to place restrictions on validated blocks to avoid cutting down a cryptocurrencies price through excessive mining.

As mining increases in terms of speed, blockchain ups the difficulty level to make it harder to mine and vice versa should the situation change. This protocol is a part of every cryptocurrency mining blockchain around although at the moment, Zcash is at the top in terms of profit.

2 years ago

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