Young Developers From Silicon Valley Joining Crypto Sector

Cryptocurrency sector’s potential is now attracting developers from major tech firms.


Developers Quit Major Tech Companies For Blockchain

It has now emerged that some engineers based in Silicon Valley are quitting their jobs to pursue careers in blockchain. They are leaving firms like Google. Many developers aspire to get jobs at these great tech firms like Apple and Google. However, techies are now ditching the firms for the blockchain sector that has been deemed even more lucrative.

According to an article by Forbes, Maximilian Wang recently quit his job at Facebook. The 28-year-old has launched a crypto exchange platform called Bgogo. At the moment, Wang is the CEO.

Speaking to Forbes, Wang described the versatility of engineers in finding solutions to problems. He stated that the focus is not even on making money, but on solving normal everyday challenges. Wang said that the money will begin coming in.

He stated that the idea of blockchain crossed his mind back in 2017. He then embarked on a mission to explore the sector by reading relevant materials like white papers on blockchain projects. During the day, he worked at Facebook but at night he studied blockchain materials.

Wang stated that his friends dismissed his idea at first. Wang tried to share with them about blockchain technology but they all ignored him. In his interview with Forbes, Wang stated that colleagues thought that blockchain was a scam.

When the crypto market started booming, Wang’s colleagues started believing in his idea. By the start of 2018, Wang noted that the sector had immense potential due to a rising crypto portfolio as compared to his annual pay.

According to Wang, the biggest challenge was how to get into the sector he has seen the opportunity. Wang said that he had to figure out how he could seize the opportunity. He pointed out that the hardest part was knowing about the potential in the crypto sector then going back to his day job at Facebook.

Wang had a strong feeling that exchanges would become the banks of the future. Wang was motivated by this thought leading to the launch of his exchange, Bgogo. He plans to have Bgogo transform into a top crypto exchange reaching the levels of a JP Morgan Chase.

Elsewhere, Qi Zhou a former Facebook and Google employee also quit his job to join the cryptocurrency sector. He started his own exchange QuarkChain. This shift is being viewed as a positive development for the crypto sector. The engineers are young and they are capable.

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