XRP Adoption Set To Soar After SBI Ripple Gets Permit For International Payment

Already, the price of XRP has been on the rise following the announcement. 


SBI Ripple Asia Acquires Permit For Payment Processing

From October, SBI Ripple Asia will start using Ripple infrastructure to enable international payments. This comes when SBI Ripple spent a better of 2017 signing deals with over 60 banks in Japan. To realize the cross-border payments, the consortium met conditions laid down by Japanese authorities under the Finance Ministry. Its operations will be regulated by Kantou Bureau, a section of the ministry. It received a permit for electronic payments.

The permit issued on Wednesday will enable the firm to transmit money, process and clear transactions for business entities and individuals.

At the moment, the firm has the MoneyTap application that will be tested in Asia. The application is anchored on the blockchain and it provides money transfer services for retail operations. It is key to highlight that the uptake of Ripple in the region will soar following the licence issuance.

XRP which the Ripple crypto witnessed a price increase by close to triple. Similarly, XRP/yen trading capacity increased by significant figures across Japanese trading platforms. The development provided a hint that XRP is set to be adopted on a large scale.

Market experts have pointed out that the sudden increase in XRP value led to a rise in the demand for assets from trading platforms with Japan. Japan is ranked as the top crypto market. It is followed by South Korea and the US.

Impact On XRP

The planned integration of Ripple by the over 60 Japan banks has been cited as the reason behind XRP’s increased demand. Additionally, two top banks in South Korea; Shinhan and Woori Banks are also set to enlist Ripple into their operations. These developments are positively impacting the market presence for Ripple.

Business entities that seek to partner with financial institutions and their APIs are required to follow local requirements. They are supposed to acquire permits that identify them as electronic payment representatives. Additionally, they need to notify the relevant financial departments..

Developments at SBI Ripple Asia means that banks will no longer decline incorporating products anchored on the open ledger. Such products include xRapid. They will easily join the established bank structure.

Early this year, the two Korean banks rolled out a plan to test and determine the liquidity of products by Ripple. The aim was to understand the sustainability of the international payment system

Late last year, Ripple revealed that the Japanese banks would deploy xCurrent to complete transactions between Japanese banks. The organization pointed out that the partnership is an indication that the Asian country was looking forward to establishing modern payment platforms. Ripple further added that its model saves time since the role of middlemen is eliminated.

Woori had earlier stated that it might fully link its systems with XRP before this year ends. With the latest license issued to SBI Ripple, the plan now seems possible. If Woori moves ahead with the plan, it will open the door for other big banks in the Asian region.

2 years ago

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