XPD Sale Officially Launched by Venezuela

It was announced through the Economy Department in Venezuela that sale of the local digital currency XPD has officially been launched. Users can now buy XPD directly from the government’s treasury either from the website of the digital currency or they can choose between 6 other exchanges that have been government-approved.


The government-owned crypto can be bought for fiat currencies, specifically the United States dollar, the Euro, or the yuan, or it can be bought using particular cryptos. Users who can buy the Petro have to be either legal organizations or individuals who are register after going through validation proceedings on the site.

The official account on Twitter for Petro appears to be currently suspended, but it was stated in a post that Petro can be used to get BTC, LTC, DASH, and ETH. Furthermore, according to the National Crypto Association, the coin can be used for either bitcoin or litecoin.

Petro Available on Multiple Platforms

Joselit Ramirez has been appointed the manager of crypto assets and any similar processes, Ramirez is also in charge of issues with customer service for the company. The 6 exchanges that have been approved for sale as of 16 October are Afx Trade, Bancar, Cave Blockchain, Criptolago, Amberes Coin, and Cryptia.

The president of the country, Nicolas Maduro, just declared in early October that the beginning of the public sale for XPD was set for 5 November, which is eleven months since he introduced the idea of cryptos backed up by the government. During that time, Maduro shared that XPD would be available on 6 different platforms, though he didn’t mention their names at that time. Moreover, an XPD was released during that day on Google Play, but it has since been removed.

1 year ago

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