XLM Joins Bitpanda Listing

Exchange service Bitpanda has just announced the listing of Stellar tokens to its platform on the 9th of August. As of now, listing XLM tokens, one of the most potential-filled and active cryptocurrencies is only a few days after Augur began trading on Bitpanda and comes right before adding ZRX. Bitpanda has also continuously spread its reach wide in regards to ERC-20 coins and has taken on many of the difficulties related to DLT, including KMD and Ripple tokens.

The Network

Stellar’s network is based on blockchain-tech and utilizes a node representing system based on each node's reputation. Additionally, Lumens act as a local currency for XLM’s network and for transaction fees on the network. Currently, Stellar tokens are fairly cheap considering the current market condition. After a recent bullish trend upwards took the coin to $0.33 in value, it saw a heavy 24 percent drop this week, landing back down at $0.30 on the market.  As of now, Stellar is picking up some momentum through its trials on the Exodus Eden wallet.

Additionally, with more good news for Stellar, the company has collaborated with a P2P exchange, Celsius Network. The company has collaborated with Lightyear, another project providing commercial Stellar approaches. ICOs are also planned to launch on Stellar’s network down the line.

Another issue in owning and using XlM is the fact that a few tokens are required in the first place to utilize the wallet, although as of now the minimum amount to active the wallet has been dropped down to one token. Bitpanda will allow users to operate on XLM easily and securely on their platform.

Bitpanda has also provided users with an easy fiat currency on-ramp to own and utilize any a highly potential-displaying cryptocurrency. As of now, XLM is still a highly unpredictable, volatile and risky token, also incredibly reliant on speculative trading and is currently still within its test phase.

2 years ago

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