WordPress Introduces New Cryptocurrency Payment Plug-In

MyCryptoCheckout is a new plug-in designed to allow WordPress users to accept digital currency payments. Designed to function side-by-side with WooCommerce, the most well-known and utilized e-commerce plugin for WordPress, will introduce a whole new method for the platform’s users to receive and send crypto payments.

The newly introduced tool will allow its users to trade amongst each other using many of the major cryptocurrencies around like Bitcoin, BitcoinCash and Ether. The plug in also allows traders to use Ethereum tokens including Bancor and Golem tokens.


Even though the newly introduced e-commerce plugin gives way to more digital asset interactions, reports state that MyCryptoCheckout has only two hundred active interactions so far- a slow start for the new tool.

Gavin Pland, an owner of sites permitting the use of digital asset payments, said that many online traders make smaller deposits due to cryptocurrency instability in general. Another issue which proves to be an obstacle for the tool is the cost of transactions, especially regarding smaller exchanges with Bitcoins.

Security and stability of the plugin is another factor to consider in regards to MyCryptoCheckout, although the new tool presents a promising notion for e-commerce transactions regarding digital currencies.

2 years ago

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