Wirex Twitter Survey Shows Rising Demand for Ripple XRP

UK crypto exchange and card issuer, Wirex, conducted a Twitter survey requesting users to state which of the following digital assets are most preferred: BTC, LTC, ETH, or XRP. The popular platform that offers services such as crypto-to-fiat exchange currently has just under two million users and aims to see what their community sentiment is.


The survey will continue to collect data for another three days however as it stands, 73% of user responses claim to prefer Ripple XRP as opposed to the other digital assets listed above. As Bitcoin steadily holds first place as the dominant digital asset worldwide boasting a market cap of more than $100 billion, it was a surprise to see that a little as 15% of Twitter respondents claimed to chose bitcoin as their preferred method of crypto purchasing.

Ripple Boast A Rise In Success and Partnerships

As little as 9% of Wirex’s Twitter community replied suggesting LTC as their preferred method of payment which trumped the mere 2% who chose Ether. Based on this simple response survey, it is clear that Ripple Labs, the US fintech company responsible for creating XRP, has significantly boosted its progress and global popularity since developing a series of financial solutions and products.

According to reports, their latest product, xRapid, was recently launched attracting three major companies to sign agreements to utilize it during production. Ripple Labs has also recently collaborated with more than 120 finance-based companies as part of their plan to facilitate overseas transactions on the RippleNet platform.

CryptoGlobe also released a report in September stating that Ripple Labs main cryptographer, David Schwartz, declared the XRP token wins across all metrics. A deeper investigation of this statement may be necessary as the Wirex Twitter survey only requested users to respond with which of these crypto tokens were their favorite for purchasing.

A Deeper Look Into Competitive Cryptos

In line with price data across bitcoin’s history of trading values, the digital asset did at one time sell for prices less than a single dollar. However, as is the case with most emerging cryptos, bitcoin successfully reached a peak of $20,000 and now stabilized to ranges of $6,000. Predicting major spikes or crashes is all down to speculation, however, long-term data analysis can help investors with risk management and making better investment choices.

The 2% voting for ETH is not a shocking percentage as it is important to note that the ETH token was never designed to operate as a MoE. In fact, it was created primarily to be used within the Ether network to help developers on the platform. Litcoin, however, seems to be struggling in comparison to XRP as it continues to follow a PoW structure whereas Ripple does not need to be mined.  

2 years ago

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