Winklevoss Brothers Gain Patent to Secure Crypto Storage

The renowned Winklevoss twin brothers aim to launch a project in which digital assets and cryptocurrencies can be securely stored. The twins officially filed a patent on the project which focuses on the method and system required to store mathematically structured crypto assets along a secure platform. 


Yet Another Crypto Patent Approved For Winklevoss Family Business

The brother’s firm developed new technology that divides multiple signature crypto accounts into segments of private keys. The patent reviews use cases such as back up storage, for example in a situation when access to accounts becomes difficult or the loss or theft of main keys.

Getting Ahead of the Game

The patent also listed several cryptocurrencies including the more popular tokens including BTC, LTC, ETH, and XRP among others. During the start of 2018, the firm received approval for an application to patent the trading of crypto assets. In June, the family owned business were approved yet another patent for the ETP crypto system.

According to CoinTelegraph, Winklevoss IP was awarded a patent on April 13th for the development of a system used to improve digital transactions securely through the usual principles of cryptographic encryption.

2 years ago

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