Winding Tree Blockchain Platform Merging With Air Canada

Founded over 80 years ago , Air Canada remains one of the biggest Canadian airlines by fleet size and boarded travelers. This week, they announced that they will be collaborating with the Switzerland-based BC ecosystem Winding Tree. The agreement will see the prestigious airline merging with the startup’s supply platform.



The airline’s long history is adorned with incredible achievements. According to the corporation’s yearly statement, the airline witnessed a 7% upsurge year on year, in which it flew almost 50 million passengers.

AC wants to catch up with the latest technologies, therefore, it put its signature on an agreement letter alongside the travel tech-startup, Winding Tree. The collaboration aims at establishing a decentralized open-source network for travel, which will result in the enhancement of selling and supplying products related to travel, and work as a straight entrée to distributors.

The airline’s DPI, Keith Wallis, said that they are planning on merging their API with the startup’s public platform for blockchain to allow experienced blockchainers full admission to Air Canada’s content.

A global groundswell is happening in the air all over the world: Airlines everywhere, including big names like Air France, are adopting BC tech through the same startup to eliminate intermediate costs from their budgets, and to enhance the logistics process and enrich their travelers' experiences. The KLM-Air France group is expecting blockchain to offer more attractive packages for passengers in a win-win cycle of exchange that doesn’t depend on third parties.

1 year ago

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