Why You Should Pay Close Attention To Digibyte

While newcomers to the cryptocurrency industry overlook the expensive nature of major coins, smaller cryptocurrencies offer a cheaper alternative. However, the sheer number of current and new cryptocurrencies often leaves confusion as to what coin to invest in.

When looking to invest in a cryptocurrency, the coin should consist of a strong and secure structure to ensure its stability in the volatile system.


Launched in 2014, Digibyte was designed to enhance cybersecurity- a major issue of the crypto-industry. The token is predicted to rise in the near future due to its unique characteristics.


Digibyte also performs at forty times the speed of Bitcoin through one-of-a-kind technology guaranteed to boost its value in the foreseeable future. As the fastest currency on the framework, Digibyte provides complete and flawless protection from hacking attempts as well as exceptional performance speeds.


Multishield, the digital currency, operates on five separate algorithms to avoid centralizing the mining of the coin.



Digibyte is currently being used in many different digital exchanges and is valued at $0.02, which makes the coin a promising and cheaper alternative, especially with its highly promising future.


Experts predict that the inevitable rise of Digibyte’s value will result in massive gains for early investors despite its substantially low value as of today.


Another current issue with Digibyte is its level of popularity, which is very low given the enormous number of other coins available. Until recently, the digital coin had been resting at McAfee offices until John introduced it via Twitter.

2 years ago

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