Why These 7 Cryptos Will Survive the Bear Market

2018 has been the worst year for cryptocurrencies. With the current market situation, some of the cryptos might not achieve any highs.

Since 2014, the crypto market has never been the same. The year witnessed a bear market which is also rocking the market at the moment. 

However, crypto lovers hope that the situation will be shorter. Currently, the crypto market value stands at $2 billion.

Some cryptos might not survive the bear market in the end. It, therefore, means that we need to have a recovery as soon as possible.

Here are the seven cryptos projected to survive the current market. 

Stellar Protocol

 It is equipped to conduct cross-border transactions in an efficient way.  At the same time, it enables issuance of tokens. It is projected to survive due to its long history since inception in 2014. Currently ranked sixth, stellar has survived a loan bear market witnessed in 2014.

Additionally, the ecosystem around stellar offers a strong support base hence minimizing any chances of failure. Its partnership with IBM has been hailed as one of the reasons why the crypto will stand for long.


It focuses on speed and better user experience with DPoS. It will make it through the bear market because of scalability. Despite having a nervy start EOS has managed to establish itself in the market.


It is another digital currency that will withstand the bear market wave. With the focus on decentralization and fungibility, monero will not be touched. Its everlasting demand for providing transactions will see it pull through.


In terms of enhancing privacy, ZEC is among the outstanding cryptos. A clear indication that it will survive the market since it permits confidential trading as an option.


It is funded well despite the minimal focus on user privacy with a rich history. It aims at integrating the blockchain technology and Internet of Things (IoT) to come up with VoT. Since it is well funded, DASH is here to stay.


It focuses on a wide range of sectors such as retail and logistics. It aims to attain the full coverage of the business community. It has been applied in numerous real-life situation, giving it a backing for survival. Additionally, the support accorded to Waltcochain by the Chinese government is vital.


It is projected to withstand the market due to an active ecosystem backed by Chinese authorities. The crypto uses blockchain and identity for asset digitization. It also automates control over the assets. Despite the harsh market conditions, NEO is among the rapidly growing cryptos.

2 years ago

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