Who Expects To Benefit From A Devolved E-Commerce Platform?

Billions of individuals across the globe buy goods and services online. There are a variety of products that the customers can select among the many options. One only needs to click the purchase button to place an order for a particular good or service.


E-commerce involves the purchasing of goods through the internet. It also involves the digital transfer of money to execute these transactions. E-commerce has been using the same processes to execute transactions since its introduction in 1991.

People usually share their personal details and pay for the order through a credit card. Currently, people are using the blockchain technology to make these transactions occur quickly and safely for every user. The use of technology increases efficiency of services in this industry.

How E-commerce Transactions Are Conducted

We have several kinds of online trading models that individuals use to execute their transactions. However, our main focus is on the B2C model which is popular among people. This model normally concentrates around the client. One of the entities to use the platform is Amazon. The company has made breathtaking global sales by embracing E-commerce to conduct its transactions.

Amazon has large warehouses where they normally store their products. They generally deliver the ordered item or items after the customer makes a payment. Amazon warehouses cover a large space measured in millions of square feet.

Online retail is now a blossoming industry which is attracting the attention of everyone. Last year, more than $2.3 trillion in trades were made via these platforms. The sales might increase by 2021. Analysts predict that they might surpass $4.5 trillion mark.

E-commerce also signifies 10% of the total retail sales in America. One disadvantage to this platform is that it does not help everybody. It benefits the top websites and not the consumer. Additionally, the centralized model has many flaws that harm the retailers and consumers of these goods and services.

Disadvantages Of Online Business

The centralized systems also invade the client’s privacy whenever they purchase something. They usually access the customer’s personal information which ought to remain confidential. The imbursement techniques are also hurting retailers. Most of these platforms charge a 3% transaction cost, therefore cutting into the company’s profits or forcing them to pass the cost onto consumers. Consumers have collectively lost a substantial amount of goods. This occurs when products are stolen before they reach their final destination or through a variety of other fraudulent activities.

Small entities might face unfair competition from other established players such as Amazon. Some of these companies have enormous resources which they use to market their products. They usually record higher sales than other small and medium sized enterprises and are able to squeeze the competition.

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