Which kind of Bitcoin Investor are you?

Dave Elder-Vass, a Sociology lecturer in a UK College has initiated a discussion to talk about the historical background of BTC, via the perspective of the five distinct individuals who have purchased BTC, as either a usable legal tender or an asset.


The five classes presented by Elder-Vass include;

The Optimists

The Libertarians

The Smart Youthful

The Financial specialists

The Portfolio Balancers

So as to discover the right category, we have to precisely know what these classes entail.

Beginning with The Optimists, these are the individuals that initially began to make BTC and Blockchain Innovation from cryptography. The optimists are the first cryptographers, who thought of the innovation. A big percentage of them still remain unknown to the present day. Satoshi Nakamoto being the main optimist.

The Libertarians, are the individuals who were pulled in by Bitcoin’s anonymity and anti-politic characteristic. These are the financial specialists who purchased in view of Nakamoto's guarantee, that the Bitcoin is a rebellious item, one that will be utilized later on to allow the people to have a say. Those who acquired Bitcoin to revolt, at that point this is you.

The smart youthful, are the individuals who purchased Bitcoin as from 2010, just before the entire business began to rise and become the norm. As per Elder-Vass:

"Many purchased little amounts at a low cost and were somehow puzzled to discover that the investment was noteworthy when the costs increased. They then adjusted to the ever fluctuating costs and oftentimes upheld "hodling" Bitcoin (a spelling mistake of "hold", first utilized in a notable message posted by an intoxicated client, who resolved to oppose consistent "offer" messages from informal investors)."

If your Tee shirt is printed 'HODL', you presumably fit as a smart youthful. You do not have to be a particular age to fit as a smart youthful bitcoin investor.

The financial specialist, are the conventional Bitcoin speculators and the individuals who see a venture opportunity in Bitcoin. They engage in the daily exchanges and desire to take advantage of the high coin values. They perfectly understand the bulls as well as bears that most likely makes up the entire BTC business.

The Portfolio Balancers, as per Elder-Vass, these are the most up-to-date financial specialists, the individuals who are currently beginning to purchase because of dangers from more extensive financial aspects. As per Elder-Vass:

"As per the present day portfolio hypothesis, financial specialists can decrease the peril of their portfolios by purchasing some BTC on the grounds that its high points and low points do not agree with those of different assets, giving some protection against securities exchange big drops. The portfolio balancers are the kind of investors, who will fundamentally increase Bitcoin's adoption amongst other types of investments."

Now you know, which kind of bitcoin investor you are. Most individuals fit in the financial specialists’ category. However it is intriguing to perceive how Elder-Vass has categorized the Bitcoin buyers. Each category has its own particular inspiration for purchasing Bitcoin and for sure, these inspirations are not specifically money related, demonstrating exactly how adaptable Bitcoin is, not only is it an asset, rather a social symbol representing social versatility as well.


2 years ago

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