West Virginia Makes History Through Blockchain Voting Application

West Virginia has developed an application meant to help soldiers on duty overseas to take part in the upcoming polls. 


Military Officials On Duty Abroad To Take Part in Midterm Polls Through Blockchain App

History is set to be recorded in the upcoming midterm elections in the United Elections. This is after the West Virginia Secretary of State revealed that plans are underway to use blockchain in voting. The technology will be applied through a voting application dubbed Voatz. The officials said that the system will be used to ensure military officials serving abroad vote.

Having a voting system anchored on the blockchain is an indicator of the state’s desired voting process. Blockchain will ensure that we have transparent and authentic system.

The application can be accessed through a mobile phone and can operate in any given location which makes the voting process more inclusive. West Virginia is gaining popularity due to the app. However, the state is not the first one to deploy blockchain in voting.

In Africa, Sierra Leone used Agora, a blockchain voting firm. The company claimed that is had officiated over the first blockchain election, something denied by the government, According to the government, Agora’s sole role was to tally votes.

In general, verification of votes is a highly sensitive matter. In case the tallying process is not done right, clashes are bound to arise. However, with blockchain, we have a special chance to transition from such conflicts.

The app by West Virginia was first released back in March. It was developed by Voatz from Boston with tests being conducted in Harrison and Monongalia. During the trial, all players were required to vote from their phones from any location. Verification was conducted by the applications facial recognition feature.

Voatz states that the coding and storing of votes is executed on the application’s decentralized system. The system is provided by blockchain. Voting data is secured and stored in a safe environment with the deployment of the decentralized system. Additionally, using blockchain ensures that voters take part in the process without sharing their details publicly. The application is also equipped with features such as facial recognition and eye scanner

At the registration phase, a user is required to take a selfie video of the face. They should also submit a photo contained on the ID issued by the government. Additionally, they are required to provide fingerprints and eye scans. All these details are used in the verification process.

The news about the app has been met by mixed reactions. According to Voatz boss, Nimit Sawhney has said that the move will play a key role in pushing for mainstream blockchain adoption.

However, some quarters have termed the initiative as horrific. One of them is an official from CDT Lorenzo Hall. His view is shared by Marian Schneider who is the head of Verified Voting.

Concerns have been raised over a possibility of cheating on the facial recognition feature. Critics want to know what will happen if a face changes. Additionally, the application has no plan in the event a voter dies,

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