WENN Digital Acquires All Public Image Rights to F1 Racing Champion Fernando Alonso

Partnering up with Kodak to develop a new platform design to protect the image rights of many public figures, WENN Digital has recently announced a collaboration with Formula 1 Champion Fernando Alonso.

According to reports, this new deal will grant WENN Digital all the rights to Alonso’s public image, as well as allowing them to monitor and protect any public imagery related to him. The new platform will also reward fans of Alonso that upload any content spotted online of the racer onto the platform, while also registering and protecting any content they upload.

Future Partnerships

In a statement to press, Fernando spoke about his excitement towards the creativity behind the new framework and how it will allow him to show his gratitude towards fans by rewarding them for any creative efforts they upload to their platform.

WENN Digital’s CCO discussed how the new deal was underway over the last few months and how he hopes the company will draw in more partnerships with public icons soon, as many companies and professional content-creators have been in contact with them to further extend their services and protect assets using the new tech.

2 years ago

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