Weiss Ratings Names XRP Fastest Transfer Crypto

On the 10th of August, Weiss Ratings stated that Ripple tokens are the fastest transferring cryptocurrencies to transfer assets between cryptocurrency exchanges. Starting on the 9th of August, a Ripple coin enthusiast urged Changpeng Zhao, the chief executive officer of Binance, to instill XRP as a base currency on the crypto-exchange, posting his plea through Twitter.


Following the post by the enthusiast, going as @C3_Nik on Twitter, the post was provided with incredible support from other fans of XRP and has been shared over 1200 times. Several users shared C3’s plea, asking the exchange to list XRP as a base currency and stating that they would like to utilize the platform more, commenting on the cost-efficiency and ease of transfer through XRP tokens and stating that the token would take Coinbase and pull it to a whole other level.

On the 20th of July this year, Weiss Ratings initiated a survey on Twitter regarding what cryptocurrency was thought to be the best in terms of transfers to and from other cryptocurrency exchanges. Among the cryptocurrencies involved were ETH, XRP, BTC and other coins. XRP dominated in the poll with a whopping 78 percent vote count.

The head economist at Weiss Ratings digital currency team, Juan Villaverde, was convinced after seeing the results of the poll and attempting to utilize XRP for this very reason. On the 9th of August, he posted on Twitter, commenting on how impressed by XRP he was and stating that he was now utilizing XRP for transfers based on the community voting results and thanking all participants.

He then posted again, stating why he thought all other cryptocurrencies like Binance should be utilizing XRP and listing it as a base currency, pointing to the performance, speed, and cost-efficiency associated with XRP. In July, Bitrue, a cryptocurrency exchange located in Singapore posted XRP as a base currency on their platform. DCEX, another project launched in California will also be using XRP solely as its base currency.

2 years ago

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