We Prefer Wage in Crypto, Say 66% of Crypto Users

An analysis was conducted by Chronobank, a human resource startup on 445 digital currency activists worldwide including those residing in Russia, Australia, as well as the United States in order to understand trends in work preferences. According to a survey covering the topic of compensation and cryptocurrency, it was confirmed that most crypto enthusiasts were willing to accept their salary in the form of digital assets rather than traditional fiat currencies.

Respondents of the Survey

Active participants of the survey urged their employers to shift their financial paradigm and embrace the current trend of digital currency. Personally, a majority of them are in favor of accepting the salary in Bitcoin BTC, along with other popular cryptocurrencies. Thus, the study indicated that not only were these employees willing to accept cryptos as a form of compensation, 72%  stated they are actively searching for new employers who only makes transactions in cryptocurrency.

Crypto for Compensation

A large portion of the sample population that participated in the compensation survey believe that there is reason to expect potential development of virtual currencies in the near future. A handful of them, however, indicated converting crypto to fiat. Half of these enthusiasts further believe that accepting the salary in the form of digital assets will reduce their expenditure and will lead to long-term saving.

In terms of the current growth in crypto traders and mainstream adoption, several countries are already making a shift to crypto payment options. Among them, Japan is leading with 32% while South Korea and the United States have 15% each. However, residents of US have greater faith in South Korean progress than that of Japan, while Russians rely on Japan as an estimated dominator in the market. Nearly 57% of crypto enthusiasts who participated also hope this crypto payment initiative will, in turn, become a growth booster for nations planning to adopt cryptocurrency. Even the respondents are also feasible for paying taxes on their crypto salary. However, in this context, it is 65% people who agreed in the US while only 30% agreed in Russia. The majority respondent of this survey was male nearly 92% of which 75% were already employed. Only 40% fell between the age group of twenty five to thirty four.

2 years ago

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