Waves Unveils Chrome Browser Extension

The extension is at the moment limited to Chrome.


Waves Users To Benefit From New Extension

Blockchain platform, Waves has unveiled a new browser extension. The blockchain operates on the DEX structure the same as Waves Smart Contracts. The new extension will enable users to gain access to Waves Transactions on any website. With the extension in plan, the need of exiting the browser has been eliminated.

The extension has been dubbed the Waves Keeper. The add-on operates by converting a browser into a key chain that permits clients to authorize transactions in a secure manner. This process entails a third party that does not require any password. All personal data is reserved locally after undergoing encryption. The extension also has a feature to add more wallets.

Developers will also gain big from the extension. It will make it easier to embed waves into their works. The embed feature is enabled by the Auth and Payment APIs functionality. Additionally, developers can turn it into mainnet and testnet versions for trial versions.

In the next upgrade, developers at Waves plan to extend the functions by enabling different browsers. At the moment, the extension is only functional on Google Chrome but it is yet to be published in the Chrome Web Store. Users can at the moment access it through the Waves Forum.

2 years ago

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