Watching Videos on Xhoneybadger Pays Crypto

Elise de Loos, a member of Cashpay Solutions, launched the website on Tuesday the 16th.


Get Paid BCH for Watching Videos

The new website has its own native tokens, named XHB. These tokens are given to consumers whenever they view a video. The platforms' proceeds are generated through ad sales, each of which is converted to BCH. Every month, users will be able to exchange their XHB tokens into BCH.

Consumers can also buy gift cards from Amazon through the website using their honeybadger tokens. Currently, 1 honeybadger token is worth $0.01 for a gift card from Amazon that is worth at least $25. Creators of XHB say that for now, its system is central and off-chain; however, this will change once a ready token solution is presented. They also state that XHB will start trading when a working onchain token solution is accessible.

A Diverse Video Library: More than Just Porn

When Xhoneybadger first started it only contained pornographic videos. It has since expanded to contain a larger variety of content. It now boasts a huge amount of diverse subject matters that includes but is not limited to astronomy, art, bitcoin cash, technology, and music. As a website which has been online for less than a fortnight, its library is unexpectedly big. On the 24th of October, the platform started including ordinary videos and gave users the option of receiving shares when they read an article.

Just like the section for regular content, the pornographic segment is also well-stocked. It is preceded by a warning that any user should be 18+ and it is placed in a distinct area from the ordinary videos. The website also includes a collection of keywords that when used in a search would lead the user to a certain category of adult videos. Despite the fact that the website accommodates the tastes of adult-video enthusiasts, this is not shown on the front page. This is to avoid offending or surprising users who find such content objectionable.

Easy Sign Up

As a new platform based on bitcoin cash, it is essential for Xhoneybadger to assemble a healthy number of users so that it manages to stay afloat. A user would only need an email address to sign up for Xhoneybadger and after that, they will be led to their account’s dashboard. The dashboard includes their profile details and a section through which they can withdraw XHB. There is also a download shop, an e-commerce section where they can purchase XHB, and an Amazon gift cards shop.

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