War Riders Game Introduces In-Game Crypto Purchases

War Riders, a newly released video game, is collaborating with WAX to introduce its in-game items as purchasable with WAX coins, BTC, ETH and many others though OPSkins. As a blockchain-based video game, War Riders plans on allowing players to utilize these coins for purchases within the game.


Known as an MMO, War Riders is a game designed to allow players full customization of their characters and win digital coins through victorious combat between enemies. War Riders, as they are called, completely control the design of their vehicles and mine BZN, the games native currency, by attacking enemies with their vehicles and emerging as winners.

The game allows players to earn these coins by completing certain tasks like pillaging an enemy’s stash or driving through designated areas. Bound by a digital contract, BZN is limited in its supply and a burning protocol ensuring a constant yet restricted amount of coins within the game.

Cartified, the games developers, is a startup based on blockchain. Its head executive, Vlad Kartashov said that the company is adamant on providing full control of in-game winnings to players, allowing them to manage their assets as they please. He explains that vehicles designed within the game are fully customizable and manageable by players in an effort to provide players with true control to possibly decentralize the gaming industry.

President of WAX, Malcolm CasSelle, stated that blockchain-based video games and rewards are opening paths for the cryptocurrency economy top hop on board and many game creators are paying attention to the newly emerging form of gaming. Given the increase in games designed with BC technology, a safe and promising market is essential. At this point, the exchange and skin trade platform became involved, according to Malcolm, by introducing the new game publicly.


Through implementing the games cryptocurrencies on OPSkins, more uses for the token will encourage many more players towards the crypto-gaming industry. This is also not the first time OPSkins has been seen shaking hands with a BC-based video game. A previous collaboration granted players the option to trade with Crypto Collectibles.

Although War Riders is the newest addition on OPSkins, its first collaboration with was another non-fungible token game called CryptoKitties, a blockchain-based game allowing trading crypto in the form of special creatures. OPSkins operates as a sales platform for NFT's and presents several alternative payment services including cryptocurrencies, VISA cards and much more while bypassing a required wallet download.

Trading collectibles free of charge and instantaneously conduct these trades. WAX opens the way for many profitable markets and is attracting countless players to the rising industry.

2 years ago

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