WAR FIELD Gaming Company Rewards Winners with Cryptocurrencies

Last month, gaming company WAR FIELD announced the release of a new first-person shooter that allows gamers to win the company’s own digital currency, Golders, as they play.

While the company isn’t the first to allow players to earn money while playing their game, WAR FIELD’s Chief Executive Officer said that earning money by playing a video game is essentially every gamers dream come true. The game itself is considered to be an intense and quick “battle royale”, a new genre that has begun dominating the gaming industry.

Players will be able to earn Golders through the game’s framework-based design. Players can then withdraw and trade their earnings through everyday transactions just like with Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.

The company decided to design a new shooter given the incredibly popular, one hundred-billion-dollar enterprise surrounding this genre of gaming.

How It Works

Players will compete in a very classic mode of gaming in first person shooters known as a “deathmatch”. Winners will earn their rewards by eliminating each player in a game and racking up Golders from each losing player. The game is meant to be more enjoyable than others in the sense that everyone stands a fair chance at winning the digital currency.

WAR FIELD isn’t stopping at just online video games. The company also has plans to open several amusement parks within the year, as well as introduce mobile-versions of their most popular games. Once the company’s initial coin offering is over, its cryptocurrency will be available and can be retrieved from any game and added to the player’s wallet. Players are then free to treat Golders like any other digital currency and trade them at exchanges.

The company also hopes that through the rising popularity of its games, its currency will also rise in value.

2 years ago

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