Walmart Overlooks New Package Tracking Patent

Walmart, the US-based hypermarket king has been developing a new method for better delivery systems within its services by introducing blockchain technology. Filing a new patent this week, the company has released its new filing based on highlighted methods of incorporating blockchain and new strategies to provide more efficient and effective package delivery in the event that an individual placing an order cannot receive it.

Smooth Deliveries

The new application is the latest in a series of prior patents filed by Walmart, focused on improving delivery and packaging services through technological innovation. The company has provided special attention to their delivery methods, intent on merging several aspects of the process with technology to further improve on the efficiency of each transaction. 

While a focus on improving delivery remains a priority, the company has been more invested in the food supply and the potential blockchain effect on it, developing new methods of authenticating food sources and keeping a closer eye on food manufacturers and suppliers.

Walmart’s latest blockchain application consists of delivery housing units, or lockers, designed to receive a package and contain it until its proper recipient claims the delivery. Through blockchain, Walmart aims to network these special lockers and monitor their use. 


In the patent filed, Walmart explained that each locker’s transactions and contents will be recorded and updated continuously to provide a clear status of every locker connected to the framework. In this manner, the company will be able to determine what locker is available for use to accept deliveries and what locker is already in the process of receiving a delivery.

The patent also indicates that the blockchain may operate as a public ledger, allowing a more accessible system. Furthermore, a log of each occupied locker is maintained on the public ledger suggesting that lockers may be operated by other sources.

2 years ago

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