Walmart Files Blockchain Patent and Sells Candied Bitcoins

With a twist on the traditional chocolate dollar sold in candy isles for decades, US based global retail industry giant, Walmart, now offers chocolate bitcoins, six for the price of a dollar. Coincidentally, the supermarket chain also filed yet another patent for blockchain technology utilizing drones and other high tech equipment programmed to follow a distributed ledger system for the use of delivery services. Both events occured in light of each other, arguably representing the corporation’s advocacy towards blockchain technology development and adoption.


Chocolate Covered Cryptos Now In Walmart

A trend that seems to be picking up speed among major corporations worldwide, Walmart has become a major advocate of blockchain technology and adoption. The opportunities and possibilities presented by this secure and scalable technology has encouraged industry giants such as Walmart to begin implementing their own patents. Digital currency however is not their main concern, but rather the core of blockchain and ledger structures.

Needless to say, Walmart has accepted bitcoin into their shelves all across the nation, selling candied bitcoin manufactured by the American based Frankford Candy and Chocolate Co. as their latest product. Perhaps a movement in solidarity with their support of blockchain tech as well as a means to facilitate mainstream awareness and overall adoption.  

Walmart Patents New Blockchain Delivery Service

Coinciding with their latest display of chocolate cryptocurrencies, Walmart also filed for yet another blockchain patent with the USPTO. The project plans to utilize the blockchain structure to create an automated delivery service for customers across the nation. With the help of programed drones and other high tech robots to follow a process of verification by referring to stored data on a distributed ledger.

Throughout recent years, the nationwide chain has officiated numerous blockchain based patents that cover a variety of applications and projects. The company is not only an advocate of the technology however wish to get ahead of the competition against major ecommerce competitors within the industry.

Walmart’s food safety initiative was announced in 2016, in which blockchain technology would be used to improve the tracking and condition of food products for customer safety and satisfaction. The initiative was a collaboration between IBM, Walmart, and the university of Tsinghua. Walmart also received a patent two months ago regarding a blockchain based system used to store medical details.  

The international retail chain is among the largest in the industry owning more than 10,000 locations across twenty eight countries worldwide. The company is also home to more than 2 million employees and holds the title of the largest private employment company globally. The corporation runs a variety of supermarket, department and food produce chains with a revenue large enough to maintain its leadership around the world.

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