Wall Street Journal Research Claims approx. $88 Million was laundered across 46 Crypto Trades

Almost $90 million possibly in relation to illegal activities was stolen across 46 cryptographic money trades, the Wall Street Journal revealed on 28th Sept.


Specifically, the Journal revealed, about $9 million was laundered at ShapeShift AG, the Erik Voorhees-driven digital currency trade popular for enabling clients to remain anonymous, in a two-year time span. In addition, this was the biggest amount laundered in one sole American trade in the listing.

The examination by WSJ traced assets from over 2,500 cryptocurrency wallets related with the revealed criminShapeShiftality movement, discovering that about $89 million was stolen via the trade platforms. , is claimed, to be 

"the biggest beneficiary of the assets being a company in the US,"

 noticing that it is enlisted in Switzerland, but functions in the United States territory of Colorado.

Journalists handed ShapeShift a number of wallet addresses considered "doubtful," which the trade platform at that point restricted, executive official Veronica McGregor stated, as indicated by the statement.

The account depicted how it followed assets from one fake plan to trades, clarifying that journalists tracked the exchanges and wallet addresses on the ETH blockchain to ShapeShift and KuCoin. At ShapeShift, about $517,000 in ETH was changed over to XMR, where the trace went dim, for instance.

This report came at the right time, only months after ShapeShift declared it would implement "KYC" procedures starting one month from now.

McGregor told WSJ that the new procedures were

 "not in light of any administrative implementation activity,"

 but instead, as a major aspect of a push to "de-hazard" the trade.

Her announcement reverberated remarks by Voorhees, who revealed to a web-based media that the procedures were a "practical" advancement to prevent any further administrative activity.

"It was a vital choice as we trust the danger of not implementing KYC was becoming excessively necessary. It had to be implemented," 

he stated.

2 years ago

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