Voyager Crypto-Exchange Launched With No Trading Fee’s

Voyager is a new digital currency exchange founded by Oscar Salazar, Uber co-founder, as well as Philip Eytan, an early investor in the app. The chief executive officer of Voyager, Stephen Ehrlich, previously managed E*Trade’s trading system prior to its acquisition by Lightspeed. 

No Costs 

Voyager is launched with a zero-fee trading service and pits it with similar applications like Robinhood as part of an effort to cut down on many high fees involved in crypto-trading transactions. Initially, Voyager will provide 15 different currencies that will decide from 25 of the top leading networks in the world, including BTC, ETH and Bitcoin cash.

Stephen Ehrlich said that Voyager is interested in introducing Ripple and Stellar tokens that have yet to be posted on leading exchanges within the United States. According to him, whichever coins are being traded on the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, Voyager will possess and more.

This week saw the second phase of its testing, launching the Beta platform trials as Voyager stated to Fortune. At the end of October, traders will be able to directly download Voyager and begin operating.

As the exchange states, it is currently underway and attempting to acquire the appropriate licensing within the US and the company’s CEO states that cryptocurrency has not yet been adopted enough within the country’s borders.

2 years ago

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