Vors Craig Wright Camp in Looming Bitcoin Cash Fork

BCH is expected to introduce a hard fork from 15th November onwards. This has resulted to a lot of speculation among competing shareholders in this large crypto market. 


The digital money, BCH, split from bitcoin during the scaling debate last year. Most of the trading is currently leaning towards Bitcoin ABC. However, a majority of hash power tends to favor Bitcoin SV.

Coin Dance estimates indicate that BCH has the support of more miners than ABC. The two cryptos enjoy the backing of 63% and 18% of miners respectively.

Bitcoin SV Continues To Receive More Support

A public statement shows that some entities have already declared support for BTC SV. They are comprised of CoinGeek and mempool among others.

Craig Wright demonstrated his intention of supporting the suppression of the ABC execution by mining blank blocks. This is likely to occur after the split of the currency. However, the SV miners are expected to uphold in excess of fifty one percent of network’s present hash power.

Peter Rizun is an expert at Bitcoin Unlimited which is one of the largest BTC implementations. He revealed to CoinDesk he does not believe that what is anticipated will ever occur.

Research discloses that it is possible for a single chain to excavate malicious blocks. SV association alleged that they will attack BCH chains after implementing ABC regulations. If this occurs, it may adversely affect BCH.

Pre-fork markets

Miners have shown significant backing for SV as of late however, merchants are more bullish on ABC. Previously, Poloniex launched what are fundamentally hypothetical markets relating to coins that may arise after the fork. The information that was released pre-fork indicates that BCHABC is currently priced at $415 which is four times higher than the price of BCHSV. The latter is presently valued at $ 115.

It is also important to note that volume data on Poloniex are currently small for both ABC and SV. Contrary, BCH was exchanging at $524 on Monday.

The stated figures were similar to the ones that were released the previous week. This is when a preference for ABC was gaining momentum during that time.

BCHABC also commenced trading at four times the value before increasing to 10 times BCHSV value. This according to the information that was released by Poloniex. Investors should therefore, consider things closely before committing their funds to this market to avoid losses.

1 year ago

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