Vitalik Buterin Announces Full Casper Transition

The Hybrid Casper upgrade to Ethereum is now transitioning towards it full form as Vitalik Buterin, the creative mind behind Ethereum, has stated. Adding to his statement, he said that two weeks ago, the platform utilized GHOST as the choice of fork.

The Protocol

GHOST is a protocol implemented to alter the rules of the longest chain through the "heaviest subtree" protocol that summarizes all available blocks, including “uncle” blocks as a means of calculating the total difficulty and upgrading security.

As of the rapid developmental progress, this may point to hybrid Casper is not much different than full Casper once it has been launched as part of a new revamp that integrates the Casper upgrade with a process known as sharding. As per understanding of the specifics, a PoS chain will validate and identify these shards through a PoW chain directly linked to a digital contract to deposit these stakes.

Vitalik Buterin has stated that the Proof of Work chain serves no purpose within the new design and that it would most likely become an alternative chain or PoS chain contract at some point. In light of this, enough uncertainty due to the incomplete specifics is evident despite heavy work being present and continuous.

Following a meeting between developers on sharding on the 2nd of August, at least seven separate teams have to introduce sharding into their systems. One of the teams involved has claimed that their system operates a full beacon node although the rest seem to be developing the new implementation of the chain.

2 years ago

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