Vigilantes Continue Hunting Down Scammers

Crypto-vigilantes are taking it upon themselves to hunt down any scammers and expose their fraudulent activities. These online “heroes” are individually investigating and tracking down bad actors to expose and publically shame them.


Shillex is what some would refer to as a vigilante output. Essentially an account “mirroring” Bitfinexed and its main objective of down talking about the lack of transparency of Tether. The former has even reused Bitfnixed’s logo and its main objective is to out crypto influencers that withhold any payments for a project or startup they attempt to sell off. 

As a term with much contempt behind it, crypto influencers are often dubbed their title as traders on Twitter with more than 20K followers and “influence” digital markets. No fees, payments or anything of the sorts is handed over to these influencers with everything they provider for followers like charting and memes. 

While there is a distinct difference in “shilling” projects on the basis of robust principals and doing so as a form of receiving payment. Shillexed continues hunting down these influences while Krypto Leaks, a new group operating on Telegram has one purpose and one purpose only as shedding a public light on manipulators and misleading venture capitalists. Among its list of exposed parties includes several misleading advisors, dishonesty among initial coin offerings and regular scammers attempting to falsely act as admins on Telegram. 


Cryptocurrency related scams and acts of fraud are changing constantly, adapting to every moment and devising new ways of conning people out of their money. As it stands, Telegram seems to be a hub for advanced levels of scamming. A certain scam observed recently consisted of screenshots being sent to a legitimate influencer and stating that another user was abusing the influencers name. 

Once the victim clicks on the picture, malware is quickly downloaded without their knowledge as a means of acquiring their private addresses. A general caution is recommended in the crypto space as even vigilantes themselves could be well-devised scams, like Blockbroker.

2 years ago

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