Vibeo App Links Digital Asset Services Around the World

Leveraging Gotakimaps, an ETH-based blockchain mapping service established in 2016 created the Vibo designed to offer an app-based solution for traditional global mapping services such as Google Maps. Using GPS technology the application aims to connect users with nearby crypto services.


Vibeo’s Chief Executive Officer, Eric Dechaux, stated that the app will connect all merchants, shops, and hotels in interested in cryptocurrency worldwide with a Global Positioning System that will effectively impact the industry on a global scale.

Future Plans for the Vibo App

Vibeo included the mapping location feature to its minimum viable product to help merchants and shops easily connect with each other instantly. Meanwhile, the Vibeo messenger app is available for iPhone and Android users as well.

This messenger app is one of the main objectives of the Bulgarian-based project, applying growth hacking marketing strategies aimed at promoting mass adoption of the app.

Application users who facilitate the introduction of other members to the platform will be rewarded with native tokens called VBEO which can be used as a payment method on the platform. As a result, users will also be starred as a loyal member for facilitating connections.

Vibeo developers plan to collaborate with external providers including Edge Secure, as a means to incorporate various crypto coins such as BTC and ETH into the platform as part of the future progression of the app. This initiative will take place after its Initial Coin Offering stage as a method of boosting mainstream addoption.

Aiming at developing the app in the future and gaining more beneficial reputation, Vibeo’s engineers decided to gain multiple wallets as they are looking up to add other edge secures to the app, extending their services to include Bitcoin and Ethereum as well.

Vibeo’s ICO project hopes to fund what developers believe will be the first globally adopted crypto-based messenger application.

1 year ago

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