VeThor Distribution Reignites Interest With Several New Benefits

Following one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, Binance has released the first VTHO airdrop and prices quickly surged. The airdrop was charge-free and strictly promotional. An additional announcement proved to be incredibly vital to the rise in price. A new node system that mandates a captured image of token balances, with minor nodes containing 600K to 1M brand new coins and major nodes containing millions in coins and granting more rewards by VTHO.


Ticker Swap

X Nodes, the previous program, has had its monitoring temporarily ceased which quickly ensued in a large VEN sell-off although the release of its mainnet and ticker swap did aid the situation. Despite many believing that VET was a dying project, it continued holding its own and maintaining performance.

A digital wallet was also announced for August and may potentially benefit VET, giving it another push for the better. Although staking has already occurred within the wallet, it’s environment is still “under construction.” LBank has already begun trading VTHO reward assets and may possibly see higher traffic. As VET tokens may become strictly a reward of the system, VTHO looks like it may become more traded overall.

As of now, VET and VTHO have not fully disclosed any information regarding both and reward assets are aiming to draw in more customers and interested parties. The company is also adding more incentive by hosting a daily draw with rewards for users based on their addresses. VeChain Thor has climbed over 30 percent within a day, making a comeback and listing at $2.50 on CoinMarketCap.

Given the swap of tokens by the company, Binance has not been included in the reports as the swap continues going on although its previous price continues to perform on several markets and trading according and prices have surged almost 60 percent every week.

2 years ago

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