Vertex Launches the First Vetted ICO Token Recovery Market

The 2017 cryptocurrency hype attracted masses of ICO investors across the globe. The outlay of these investments was however not sustainable from the onset causing a massive crash. This has left the investors with tokens that are not worth a dime in their current status. It is from this background that Vertex gains entry as a solution provider to pick up the pieces and make a whole out of them.

How Vertex Works

A team of established businessmen will vet the existing ICO’s and come up with a shortlist of the promising projects. Once these ICO’s have been identified, they will pass through the Vertex Ecosystem to ascertain:

  • Prospective buyers of the tokens to help raise funds to revamp the projects.
  • The purchase of the tokens by Vertex for later sale to its users at a preferential price.
  • Acceptability from the prominent businessmen who will form a sort of guarantee for the tokens.

Benefits Accrued from using Vertex Ecosystem

By using its own currency, the VTEX token, Vertex will facilitate the purchase of all the other selected ICO tokens through the Vertex platform. As a result, Vertex will act as the connector between users and the ICO’s. The VTEX token is developing to incorporate other functionalities in terms of diverse service provision. The Vertex Ecosystem will ensure that:

  • Scams will be identified and flushed out.
  • Unsustainable projects will be identified and dropped off.
  • Sustainable projects will be sold at preferential prices.
  • Vertex users will be open to the purchase of tokens that were previously the preserve of private investors.
  • Provide a fair playing ground to all its users on matters related to token buying.

Vertex: The Ultimate Solution

It will be noted that with the onset of Vertex, all is not lost for the investors who now stand a chance to regain and develop on their investments to greater heights. The other benefit is that Vertex has developed standards by identifying all prior loopholes and sealed them to form an all-time sustainability with a foolproof system of the guaranteed success of projects. This should put all alarm bells to rest as investors continue with renewed zest on their cryptocurrency investment journey.

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2 years ago

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