Verge Merges with Pundi X For Enhanced Trading

As of now, Verge is still seeing massive amounts of adoption worldwide. Differentiating from before, Verge announced the integration of its native token into Pundi X, an agency adamant about revolutionizing companies with blockchain-tech. Pundi X integrated XVG into its POS system to provide local shops with easier methods of selling their products.

Another Step

The new announcement pit the development as a means of introducing easier and more convenient product purchases for customers using cryptocurrencies at local stores. The POS solutions by Pundi X were intricately designed to offer fiat-Verge currency conversion and process transactions faster and more efficiently for any user.

Through integrating Verge into Pundi X, this opens up access to any store globally with a Point of Sale and permits Verge as a payment method and additionally may allow customers to use Pundi X’s application or card to facilitate these purchases. It simplifies the process of fiat exchange through merging with fiat currency gateways such as Alipay, wechat Pay, and others. The XPASS card also allows users to spend any XVG they possess at different stores.

The new integration also enables the instant and easy purchase of XVG tokens through Pundi’s mobile app or any store accepting Pundi X and its Point of Sale. Pundi X facilitates offline cryptocurrency sales and was launched in 2017 with a focus on making crypto more accessible overall in terms or purchasing goods and selling them, from massive assets down a bottle of water. With its HQ in Indonesia, the company spreads its services internationally and operates offices in the UK, Singapore and other locations for a wider reach.

The company houses around 150 employees with around 75 operating in the R&D department. Verge is not the first to collaborate with Pundi X as several others, include NEM and Zcash have already partnered. Additionally, a recent announcement by the company reveals that 5K XPOS will be delivered to several jurisdictions including the UK, Korea, Singapore and more.

2 years ago

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