Venezuela’s Oil- Sponsored Petro Seems to Be a ‘Blatant’ Duplicate of Dash

Similarities between Dash and Cryptocurrency petro

The petro digital currency looks similar to Dash. One of its features is that, it has a comparable mining algorithm. A section of the white paper might have originated from another cryptocurrency. Joey Zhou suggested that the mentioned cryptocurrency has similar characteristics like Dash.

Further research exposes that Venezuelan administration gathered enough information from this cryptocurrency. The ranking of digital money indicates that it is one of the biggest cryptocurrencies in the industry. In the manuscript, the state emphasized on the importance of using X11 mining algorithm. Dash also uses a similar approach to conduct its activities. Additionally, each white paper will also have an instant send feature.

Venezuela touts the instant send feature in Dash as one of Petro’s essential characteristics. The information is clearly stated in the white paper. From the information given, petro enables individuals to execute transactions within duration of less than five minutes. The feature makes it more preferable by many stakeholders in the industry than other cryptocurrencies. The feature has a potential of putting an address on a blank space. It can also be triggered by evasion.

The size of petro will be 4MB and every chunk shall be separated with seconds. The file particulars will have masternodes for decision making purposes. They also support those transactions that they usually accomplish.

Interestedly, Dash system is celebrated for having the masternodes. Most genuine cryptocurrencies do not utilize this feature. The measure gave it a competitive edge in the industry over its competitors. Several cryptocurrencies that lack masternodes are forged.

Dash apportions its network equally among miners and masternodes. Each segment takes 45% while coffers take the remainder. Petro anticipates dispensing 85% of web’s payments to masternodes. Users only get 15% of this amount. The white paper suggests that this system should be modified quickly to improve the grid.

The state has made tremendous efforts to propel demand. It gave petro several usage cases. At the beginning of this year, the government instructed native banks to accept it. The crypto money is widely accepted as alternative cash in Venezuela. The central bank of Venezuela also introduced an application for converting currencies to different denominations. This is a flat exchange within the country.

Lately, the head of state Nicolás Maduro exposed that Petro might be sold towards the end of the year. Petro will also launch an official website to improve service delivery to users. The oil-supported cryptocurrency also received a lot of criticisms from various people and institutions. Many individuals argue that it undermines genuine cryptocurrencies.

2 years ago

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