VeChain Announces New Partnership with Docomo

On the 5th of August, VeChain’s official Twitter account saw the announcement of a new collaboration between the company and NTT Docomo as the initial addition to the new 5G partnering initiative launched by Docomo, Japan’s largest and leading mobile network.

Mobile Giant

Docomo was launched in 1991 and is currently the top mobile network operator within Japan and possessed around 45 percent of all recorded mobile registrations in March of this year. Its most recent initiative, the fifth generation partnership program was launch in February this year and aims at introducing and utilizing 5G technology within various industries in the next two years.

The company’s main mission is enhancing the current operational standards of data services including traceability, supply overseeing and managing as well as cell phones for customers. Additional members of the new group including several sectors like healthcare and medicine, IT, automobiles and more. Big name companies like Sony, OPG, MUFG and more are involved and active partners. Recently, the company has also delved deep into new innovative tech including cloud content and preparation for installments as well as AR and VR.

VeChain also hopes of introducing state of the art tech and positive services through using 5G as part of the merge with Docomo on Vechain Thor. Several Twitter users took to the social media as a means of expressing joy towards the new addition of the partnership project, stating that the collaboration will launch VeChain to the top in terms of leading blockchains.

The platform did upgrade its Thor wallet recently with the most recent version operating as a connection between any dApps and the company’s blockchain on iOS and Android operating software. Following another controversial incident in China involving children and a contaminated vaccine dispersal, VeChain has also partnered to locate and trace medicinal drugs throughout the nation.

2 years ago

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