Valencia’s Seaport partners with Maersk For Conveyance

POV has combined with Maersk for the purposes of conducting trade as in unison. This is in relation to an official declaration that was released on November 5th.


Maersk is among the most powerful freight giants across the globe. Their TradeLens was first introduced three months ago. The platform applies blockchain tech to global supply chains. Research shows that the product will increase exchange efficacy and safeguard digital transactions.

Additionally, several stakeholders in the industry such as customs authorities and dock workers can access shipping information and documents via the blockchain.

The declarations shows that PAV combined with TradeLens venture. Therefore, it implies the harbor will significantly assist this platform to grow. Presently, the number of stakeholders in this operation surpasses twenty.

TradeLens purportedly prepared 154 million information distribution notices. The platform is expected to significantly decrease time spent at the port by a significant percentage. As a result, it will ensure there are few queues at the harbor. This enables harbor officials to execute several transactions in a short duration.

In addition, PAV originally announced its intentions to develop a smart seaport founded on blockchain by the start of October. Jose Garcia said that PAV will improve its management systems across the world. One way was through the use of a new digitized system. Moreover, maintenance time will be significantly decreased. This may result to smooth flow of activities in the business.

Numerous Harbors Embrace Blockchain Skill

Several seaports have made attempts to include blockchain knowledge into their processes. Previously, some corporations partnered to assess the feasibility of using the technology in the shipping industry. Some of these entities include of ABN AMRO and Samsung. Many traders are optimistic that this skill may streamline monetary operations and reduce time wastage at the port.

Associated British Port is the biggest harbor in UK. It previously signed a contract with MTI to create blockchain for its future activities. The Corporation anticipates that this knowledge could offer better services to users of the platform.

It is also faster than the traditional manual approach that wastes a lot of time at the port. Additionally, customers can monitor their transactions from any place at any time.

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