US, Switzerland & Singapore Top Three Crypto-Project Funding Locations

In an announcement, the CFF has deemed the US, Switzerland, and Singapore as the leading ICO locations on a global ranking system. Through analysis and research, the Conference made its conclusion that these three locations provided the best opportunities for Initial Coin Offerings.


The Crypto Finance Conference researchers analyzed public information regarding the 100 leading initial coin offerings by country and each one was given a rank based on profit obtained during their operations.

Coming in at first place, the United States was ranked number one according to the research and holds 30 startups successfully funded through their ICO’s. Switzerland followed the US in terms of rank, launching 15 successful ICO’s with Singapore coming in third at 11.

Other countries have been providing a potential for ICO funding. In an issuing by Cointelegraph, 2018 has been one of the most advancing years in regards to ICO, with this year seeing a massive ICO funding month earlier this year.

Another report stated that within the first six months of 2018, ICO’s had double in volume compared to all of 2017. The US, given its status as the leading country for facilitating the largest initial coin offerings and digital startups, is in a constant state of fighting cryptocurrency crimes. The TSSB recently ordered the immediate operational shutdown of many of several connected crypto companies involved in an investigation regarding fraud and fake investments for customers within the state.

2 years ago

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