The US Government Has Returned Bitfinex 27.7 stolen BTC

In August 2016, hackers attacked cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex and stole over 119,756 BTC. Almost three years later, the US government managed to return the platform more than 27.6 bitcoins.


As Bitfinex reports, immediately after the attack, the exchange agreed to cooperate with the US government and international law enforcement organizations to catch hackers and retrieve stolen money.

Now cooperation is beginning to bear fruit. In November last year, Bitfinex announced the US authorities had seized a part of the stolen cryptocurrency. But then the exchange did disclose the total number of coins. Now, according to Bitfinex, the government has returned to the platform 27.66 BTC, which is about $104,000 at current prices.

Bitfinex will exchange received bitcoins for US dollars and will send money to affected by attack clients.

After the attack in 2016, Bitfinex pledged to provide compensation to affected customers. For this, the exchange transferred to their accounts BFX tokens in the ratio of 1 BFX to 1 US dollar.

1 year ago

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