Blockchain Researchers Secure Funding from Federal Government

Blockchain researchers in the United States have been granted $818,433 by the government. The researchers are from the University of California in San Diego.

The grant was issued by the National Science Foundation. Subhashini Sivagnanam, a software expert emerged as the winner. The funds will be used to establish an Open Science Chain. The chain is meant to provide researchers with a platform for easy access and verification of data. The information will be gathered through scientific research.

NSF acts as a link between researchers and the government to get funds. In the recent years, NSF has funded different blockchain platforms with specialization in various areas of cryptocurrency.

Publicly available data indicates that the set up involves an online cyberinfrastructure system set up on a blockchain.

Researchers will have a chance to offer metadata and verification of data on their scientific datasets. The information will be regularly updated over time.

In short, the system will have an instant and digital catalog for research information. The catalog will advance further as more data is added. It’s aimed to enhance trust in the data collected and stored. The funding will start running from September 1,2018, to Aug. 31,2021.

2 years ago

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