Universities to Trigger Next Rise of Cryptocurrencies

Many esteemed universities like Stanford, Yale, Cornell, and MIT, among others, are offering their students courses on the topics surrounding blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Through these courses, college students get to know the potential of blockchain tech and its application to completely change the future of a wide array of industries, particularly economics as well as finance.


Kevin Werbach, UPenn, explained how these classes are embedded in the curriculum. For students to understand the blockchain classes at the highest level, they would need to take a few prerequisites already taught, for example, finance, law, economics, and distributed systems.

Interest has been peaking and some popular experts in the field have worked on the blockchain curriculums of major universities. Kathryn Haun, one of the partners of Andreessen Horowitz, is teaching a class titled cryptocurrency, and also Balaji Srinivasan, the former Chief Executive Officer of and now the Chief Technology Officer at the biggest American exchange platform Coinbase, teaches a class on development.

Furthermore, over at MIT, Tadge Dryja, the former Chief Technology Officer at Lightning Labs, teaches another course that focuses on the engineering and design behind the technology, along with Neha Narula, director of the MIT Digital Currency Initiative.

A great number of students have been signing up for crypto-related courses as Emin Gün Sirer stated, CS associate professor at Cornell. He said it was a delight to see a high level of interest from the students towards the topic.

Embracing Cryptos

The investment officer at Yale, David Swensen, who is responsible for an endowment fund of $29 billion, has invested in two major crypto projects: the $300 M crypto fund from Andreessen Horowitz and the Paradigm project from the co-founder of Coinbase, Fred Ehrsam.

While Swensen's investment accounts for  only a small amount of the market, the involvement of an individual from Yale has encouraged other colleges to do the same. Dartmouth, MIT, Harvard, and UNC have all followed suit and invested in cryptos.

Opening the possibility for endowments from universities to bet on cryptos represents a huge change in investor sentiment. This will help support the validation of cryptos since many institutions still consider them too risky.

The top colleges in the US are embracing cryptocurrencies. It is correct to assume the rest will follow in their footsteps.

Millennials are the obvious leaders of the crypto revolution. More courses and more investment from leading experts in the field will transpire, much like how universities embraced technology stocks a few years back.

2 years ago

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