United States Department of Justice Indicts 12 Russian Residents

Twelve Russian’s have been charged by the US Department of Justice this week for utilizing cryptocurrencies to facilitate attempted interference with the 2016 US Presidential elections. A report released by the department stated that these Russian nationals belonged to two separate governmental teams using major digital currencies to endorse large-scale hacks into several parties of the elections.


Cybersecurity at the FBI and a grand jury have stated that access into democratic and election servers was attempted through crypto-funded purchases of accounts and several servers that permitted access to the victim networks. 

According to reports, these hackers leaked thousands of stolen files and reports from US officials. Operating under the name of “hacktivists”, the indicted Russians have been charged with crimes on a federal level. They claim to have acquired the enormous number of Bitcoin funding through various mining operations and other unclear conditions. Nowhere in the official report does it state that these hackers made any adjustments to favor a certain elected official.

Among the charges placed against them was money-laundering worth almost $100000 to fund their operations. Everything leaked online by the accused Russians was uploaded to and officials have stated that the same cryptocurrencies used to finance the hacks were used to fund the leak.

The President has announced a new team formed to fight crypto-hackers and nother digital crimes and the DoJ has been investigating illegal price tampering related to BTC and ETH. 

2 years ago

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