Unikrn Gets License for Betting on eSports from Mann

Mann gave Unikrn’s its gambling permission which opens many legal doors for the bettors to finally put their money on cryptocurrencies and games using its money, the UnikoinGold, starting today.


The newly held license gives Unikrn immediate access to twenty regions for crypto betting freely, informed VentureBeat, expanding its abilities and reach from strict rules against gambling in digital currencies and only dealing with fiat money in Aussie and the UK with two monetary options available; dollars and UnikoinGold. Not a small stretch for Unikrn.

Acquiring the license is a game changer for American e-sport gamblers and gambling systems alike; with forty-one American states now legitimizing cryptocurrencies as an indication that matches are going to get hotter now that permission has been granted from the infamously demanding Mann.

Previous Dealings

After the ban was lifted in 2018, and states had to go one by one to prove their legitimate activities and work for the license from the clenching teeth of Mann, they will continue to obey the high court’s verdicts according to regulating the games which is a point to be really considered, along with New Jersey's criminalization of the activity altogether.

For a solid four years, Unikrn has been the main host to all video-game competitions dealing in real money and the new permission is the genie's lamp of what more they can offer to users as they now can also use their bets on themselves due to skill-based gambling. We can only imagine that this is just the beginning of their newly found road and many more advantages and services will come out soon.

Sood, Unikrn’s CEO revealed that their spot at Las Vegas’s MGM Grand Hotel and Casino is not going to be overlooked; as it’s another channel for e-sport betting; he’s planning a route combining e-sports and casinos in poker-like competitions. LV, watch out, Sood seems hungry and is willing to eat the world whole, there’s nothing like a well-deserved achievement to inspire that.

2 years ago

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